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Florida Vacation Review – Ocala Inn, A Hidden Gem in the Heart of Florida

I visit tons of hotels that are quite 50 miles from home. After all, living in Florida, why stay during a hotel when it’s cheaper to drive home, right?

Since I broadcast and record conferences, I had to drive to Ocala (a 45 minute drive when traffic is heavy) Thursday through Saturday for a conference i used to be filming for a product i’m creating. Upon first glance, the Ocala Inn – a vacation Inn Hotel and Suites conference house , was just another big boxy looking hotel in a neighborhood crowded with hotels for a town thus far from a serious airport.

Surprise! Looks Are Deceiving!

During the filming of the conference and therefore the preparations before the event, I had a chance to spend time with the staff and management of the Ocala Inn, and each time I asked for something, i might wince in anticipation of the inevitable “it is a further $175 for that” or “that wasn’t a part of the package.” Instead, i might be greeted with a flurry of activity and it might be done. An extension cord? “Here you’re , sir!” How a few screen, projector and table? “Want it plugged in?”

I was amazed! Especially after having spent a while within the Disney Dolphin Resort where they wanted $1k per day for using their audio system , another $1k for a screen and $1k per day for internet access (which they blocked the signal from the space s so you’ll not use the room internet that you simply paid $10 an evening for). The Ocala Inn included Internet with the worth of the rooms, the event halls allowed free Internet access and that they supplied everything you’ll have asked for. I even have been to hotels where they charged $50 each day for extension cords, they offered theirs to us for no charge.

Rooms With A View!

The lobby was spectacularly decorated with pottery and a swamp-like area had the outlines of a gator in among the lily pads where ceramic frogs sat expecting clay flies… an enormous ceramic vase as tall as i’m had an endless flow of water beginning of the highest and running smoothly down the surface of it during a relaxing, quiet stream to a pond surrounded by more ceramic frogs on ceramic lily pads.

The lighting was just low enough to permit you to ascertain the 2 flat screen TV’s during a large wall mounted wall unit between the four conference rooms on the far end of the lobby. the 2 glass elevators seem to return up out of the swamp, among the cat-o-nine-tails sprouting from it. you’ll see them rising and down in an erratic dance as guests visited their rooms or to the Sky Asian Fusion Restaurant on the highest floor.

Hope you’re Hungry!

My appetite was pretty huge by the time we took an opportunity for lunch and visited erode the Sky Asian Fusion Restaurant within the top floor of the Ocala Inn. The place was decorated during a shogun gone futuristic, with shiny black leather chairs surrounded by statues of dragons, warriors and various artifacts. The waitress immediately asked if we were conversant in the restaurant, and once we told her no, proceeded to elucidate what everything was and the way the restaurant served the food.

The Sky may be a fusion of Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Filipino and Japanese cuisine served during a family style with a progressive kitchen that brings out food because it is prepared , rather than waiting until everything on your order is prepared . the large bowls that we ordered came call at succession and that we each tasted each other’s food because the waitress brought them. By the time the last bowl had arrived, we were getting pretty on the brink of full, and were ready for “to go” boxes.

What About The Rooms?

The rooms within the Ocala Inn are rather large and really well provided with an outsized television and a easy chair and ottoman to relax during a fter a troublesome day in a conference. Wireless Internet is included, which really made my day, because i buy irritated by hotels who overcharge for his or her rooms then ask you to pay another $10 an evening for an online connection. But then, once you lay down on the bed, that’s once you feel the strain slip away just like the water within the clay vase within the lobby!

Every bed within the Ocala Inn features a Tempurpedic mattress, not just a mattress topper, but a real Tempurpedic brand mattress that just sucks your body during a nd holds it in a warm embrace until you awaken within the morning. this is often well worth the price of a set , yet even the regular rooms (if you would like to call them that) have these boxes of pure sleeping heaven). i used to be kind of miffed at myself for not having brought my queen size suitcase along side me, because I ended up having to go away the mattress at the hotel once I went home on Saturday afternoon!

When the event was over, I had to inform my new friends Tirsa Haynes, Melinda Tobin and Alden Dickson (the people that made sure we never had any problems with the conference) goodbye, but that i might presumably come just to urge another good night’s sleep on those mattresses! The banquet supervisor, Alden, had a crew of three people that did everything from found out a ballroom for a conference to serve food and ice tea for a banquet, and that they did so without losing their great attitudes.

If you’re trying to find a location for an occasion within the center of lovely horse country, Ocala Inn is that the place to carry it. They even have a whole room dedicated to weddings and receptions, you’ll look around their catalog of various options and if they’re even half nearly as good with weddings as they were with our conference, you’ll be delighted with the outcome!

I usually find a couple of things to complain about once I visit a hotel, but it had been really hard on behalf of me to return up with any during this location. First, the restrooms are located out of the way, although not as distant from the conference rooms because the Tampa Airport Hilton Westshore. But inside the handicapped accessible stall, it appeared that the sinks weren’t alright anchored to the wall, because they were leaning enough to cause the caulking to crack open – almost as if someone had climbed on the sink to vary a light-weight bulb. This was also evident within the family restroom, although both restrooms were very clean and had some amazing features. It just appeared like the contractor used the incorrect sort of anchors to secure the sinks.

Ocala is closer to the Gainesville airport, if you’re planning on flying in, but you would possibly want to see on the pricing of a shuttle from Orlando airport, because the flights are definitely cheaper flying into Orlando than Gainesville. If the long shuttle drive doesn’t turn you off, Ocala Inn is that the place to remain within the heart of Florida!

Micheal Savoie is that the chief editor of Florida Vacation Review where you’ll write your own reviews of your Florida Vacations! Come visit and tell us how you liked your occupy a number of Florida’s Resorts! you’ll also find amazing travel deals and an opportunity to hitch Micheal and his friends on the FV Review Cruise.


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