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The demand of home buyers is to make the open floor plan efficient


    The demand of home buyers is to make the open floor plan efficient


Today’s home buyers don’t just want an open floor plan. They claim! But creating the ultimate open floor plan isn’t just about taking a sledge hammer to the wall (hello HGTV!) It’s about thoughtful and creative design from the ground up. There are a few easy ways to develop open floor plans that include pizza

Define space clearly:
Engraved “functional spaces” give buyers a free idea of ​​how the open floor plan will flow and fill their daily lives. Items such as region anger and statement lighting help to locate and add interest. Spaces are controlled and not confined using a gorgeous chandelier above the carpet and dining area in an area of ​​great rooms.

King of Continuity:
A consistent feel should be maintained in the open space of basic design elements such as flooring and recessed lighting. It may sound obvious, but it creates an aesthetically pleasing and uninterrupted flow that home buyers desire. Make sure the furniture, accessories and art all complement each other. Even check the color palette between spaces to make sure there is a strong correlation between color choice and styling.

Stunning standout features:
Make sure that each “zone” of the open space has a design feature that truly gives a statement. A beautiful, stone fireplace wall or statement pendant of the living space above the kitchen island gives personality to each space.

Protect Site Lines:
Just keep an open floor plan – open! Make sure to leave the space seamlessly and do not obstruct the site lines with unnecessarily large items or pieces of furniture. Shoppers want to imagine themselves in the same open, airless place for cooking, eating and entertaining. There may be some eye sores like long bookshelf or huge sectional which is an interesting statement.

Take a place to increase the height:
Adding architectural drama can be beneficial if the home has space. An open floor plan can feel brighter and fresher with significant ceiling height and detail. Vaulted ceilings or dramatic wood trim or beams can be a powerful selling feature that stands out in favor of any potential buyer.

Indoor Outdoor Relationships:
Do not close the back door open floor plan! Create an uninterrupted flow of fresh, outdoor air inside the house with impressive, large glass doors and windows across both spaces as well


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